Wishing you a joyful Christmas

News | 19.12.2022

Merry Christmas from BRF. Watch our Christmas video for 2022.

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So much to be thankful for…

News | 01.11.2022

As our centenary year draws to a close enjoy good news stories from all our BRF ministries.

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Receiving generosity

Articles | 30.10.2022

In the latest of our series of articles on gladness and generosity, Holy Habits founder Andrew Roberts asks why it can be so hard to receive generosity.

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The Festival of Prayer: prayer and memory

Articles | 14.08.2022

In the third of our articles based on sessions from the recent Festival of Prayer, Debbie Ducille, church lead in the Anna Chaplaincy team, considers the connection between prayer, memory and our relationship with God.

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The Festival of Prayer: mystical prayer

Articles | 07.08.2022

In the second of our articles based on sessions from the 2022 Festival of Prayer, Emma Pennington, canon missioner at Canterbury Cathedral, makes mystical prayer accessible to all.

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The Festival of Prayer: prayer and personality

Articles | 31.07.2022

‘Prayer and personality’ was the theme of our 2022 Festival of Prayer, introduced by Dr Gemma Simmonds. We begin this new series with extracts from her brilliant keynote address.

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Prayers for displaced peoples

News | 17.06.2022

Prayers for displaced peoples, for Refugee Week and beyond.


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Growing fruitfulness

Articles | 05.06.2022

In the latest of our ‘Growing faith’ articles, Anna Chaplaincy pioneer, Debbie Thrower, reflects on our capacity to live fruitful lives well on into our latter years.

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Sharing the story, in thanksgiving and celebration

Articles | 24.04.2022

This week’s article is taken from our online centenary service…

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News to lift the spirits

News | 16.03.2022

Download the March issue of BRF News to discover stories of hope and encouragement.

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