In the year 2022-23 a total of 57 charitable trusts helped us to make a difference to thousands of individuals, families and churches. We simply could not do what we do without the generous support of a wide range of charitable trusts, both large and small, who share our vision.

Across the board, the charity sector is facing a hugely challenging time and BRF Ministries is no exception. We know that many trusts are inundated with applications and are having to make difficult choices about where they direct their funds. Nevertheless, BRF Ministries seeks to strengthen existing relationships with charitable trusts and forge new ones.

Our devoted fundraising team has a target of raising £550,000 in 2023/24 and £600,000 in 2024/25 from charitable trusts. We believe in the impact our ministries are having: Anna Chaplaincy, Living Faith, Messy Church and Parenting for Faith are all impacting lives and inspiring people of all ages to grow in Christian faith.

We are immensely thankful for all we have achieved in just over a century, but with the help of your trust, we could do so much more. To talk to one of our fundraising team email or call +44 (0)1235 462305.