Over the last 30 years philanthropy has been a crucial factor in enabling us to embrace and develop new ministries.

Anna Chaplaincy, Messy Church and Parenting for Faith all began as local church initiatives. As they found a home as part of BRF Ministries, so they have grown and now impact thousands of churches, communities and individuals across the UK and in some cases internationally too.

Philanthropy has played a vital role in making this possible. In each case the generous support of individual philanthropists was key to us being able to nurture and develop these ministries into the movements they are today.

Relationship is very important both to us and to the philanthropists that stand alongside us. We keep them regularly informed about what their generosity is enabling and we involve them to the extent that they want.

There are many ways in which your philanthropic support could make a difference through the work of BRF Ministries:

  • to offer spiritual care to more older people through Anna Chaplaincy
  • to reach more families outside the church through Messy Church
  • to support more parents and carers to help their children to meet and know God through Parenting for Faith
  • to help more people of all ages to grow in their Christian faith and discipleship through Living Faith

Whether you have a particular interest in one of our ministries or the work of the charity as a whole, we’d love to talk further with you.

To discuss how you can play a vital and active role in supporting our work, please get in touch with us at