How we are funded

The charitable work of BRF Ministries is funded by income generated through our charitable activities and by donations from individuals, churches, gifts in wills, fundraising campaigns and charitable trusts.

Sales of our books and resources, along with fees from events and training and our other charitable activities, generate around half of our funding needs. However, to provide all that we offer across Anna Chaplaincy, Living Faith, Messy Church and Parenting for Faith, we depend on the generous support of people like you.

Our work is only possible because of people who stand alongside us in ministry and care about what we do. Last year, 4,505 individuals. 87 churches and 37 charitable trusts helped us to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people, both young and old.

We’d love you to join us.

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Income Pie Chart 2021-22

Income (2021–2022)

Last year 4,505 individuals, 87 churches and 37 charitable trusts supported our ministry.

Other than Gift Aid, BRF Ministries normally receives no funding from government or other statutory bodies, or from the National Lottery. During 2020 some staff were furloughed and £78,345 was received from the government.

Expenditure Pie Chart 2021-22

Expenditure (2021–2022)

We’re helping people of all ages to explore Christianity and grow in faith.

  • BRF Ministries – the charity: £494,817
  • Anna Chaplaincy: £214,573
  • Living Faith: £783,230
  • Messy Church: £263,396
  • Parenting for Faith: £301,567

Funding from charitable trusts

We are very grateful for the significant grants received in 2021-22 from the following charitable trusts:

  • The Douglas Trust
  • The Bishop Radford Trust
  • The Kirby Laing Foundation
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • The Maurice and Hilda Laing Charitable Trust
  • The Archbishop’s Council
  • The European Great Commission