Enabling all ages to grow in faith

Our vision

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In churches

Whatever their age, wherever they are on the journey towards God, our desire is to see more people…

  • growing in understanding of the Bible
  • encountering God and experiencing vibrant Christian faith
  • equipped to exercise gifts in leadership and ministry.

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We respect others

We value the contributions of every individual, are honest with each other and allow people to experiment and try new things.

Because… we believe that providing people with the freedom and opportunity to use their gifts enables them to reach their full potential and flourish.


We give our best

We achieve the best results with the time and resources available.

Because… we believe that what we do matters and makes a real difference to people’s lives and that we have a responsibility to use what we have wisely.


We are collaborative

We seek opportunities to build relationships and work with others towards shared goals.

Because… we believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and that we can achieve more together, learning and benefitting from each other.


We are adaptable

We have positive, can-do attitudes, demonstrating flexibility in our approach and determination to succeed.

Because… we believe that this enables us to be more effective both individually and collectively.


We are creative

We encourage pioneering ideas and ways of thinking, continually looking for ways to improve what we do.

Because… we believe that this helps us to discover new approaches and ways of doing things, enables us to reach and impact more people and makes us more effective in what we do.

Introducing BRF

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We invite you to pray with us for God’s work through BRF.


Our work is only possible with the help of our supporters.

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