Our vision

Inspiring people of all ages to grow in Christian faith

This is at the heart of what we are committed to do at BRF Ministries and below you’ll find why this is so important to us:

  • Inspiring because we’re all looking for new ways to explore and embrace Jesus
  • People of all ages because it’s never too late and never too early to find faith
  • Grow because life is all about moving forwards
  • Christian faith because we’re truly proud to be doing God’s work

In churches…

Whatever their age, wherever they are on the journey towards God, our desire is to see more people…

  • growing in understanding of the Bible
  • encountering God and experiencing vibrant Christian faith
  • equipped to exercise gifts in leadership and ministry.

Introducing BRF Ministries

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We invite you to pray with us for God’s work through BRF Ministries.

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Get involved

Our work is only possible with the help of our supporters. If you share our vision, find out how you can pray, give and get involved.

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Do you share our vision? Our work is only possible with the help of our supporters.