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The miracle of the knitted crosses!

An Anna Chaplaincy project to deliver 700 knitted crosses to local care homes for Christmas looked set to disappoint... then something unexpected happened...

Help for families in lockdown

Parenting in lockdown is challenging. So Parenting for Faith have created lots of opportunities for families to connect, and free resources to support them through these strange times.

Join us on the journey to Easter

You're invited to be part of our special online Lent group or, if you prefer, to use our video resources with your own home group.

Investing in people: Anna Chaplaincy news

With a focus on nurturing the network, BRF's Anna Chaplaincy team is developing its programme of online get-togethers and training sessions.

Messy Church marches on!

With an exciting new Messy Church Goes Wild initiative, new training sessions, the first ever Messtival and a new BRF Messy Church coordinator, 2021 promises opportunity in armfuls for the worldwide Messy Church family.

Read all about it!

Brighten the winter days with an encouraging read about the ways we’re working to enable all ages to grow in faith.

Cumbria’s first Anna Chaplain

As the Anna Chaplaincy model for the spiritual care for older people gains in followers across the country, Cumbria commissions its first Anna Chaplain.

Lockdown office hours

During the current lockdown you'll still be able to contact us by phone (01865 319700) on weekdays from 9.30 am–1.30 pm and from 2.30 pm–4.30 pm.

Raising young leaders

If you thought Messy Church was all crafts and choruses, think again – we’re nurturing a new generation of disciples who make disciples!

Gift giving on a tight budget

How can you give great gifts when money’s tight? What do you do if your school has a culture that you don’t want your child to embrace? Parenting for Faith offer food for thought…