Put the FUN into FUNdraising

Arranging a fundraising event for BRF Ministries is a rewarding way to support our work.

Fundraising should be FUN; taking part in something you enjoy whilst raising money for your favourite charity. Always remember that you are never too young or too old to fundraise!

Below are some (mostly!) tried-and-tested ways that you can help.

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Fundraising for us is vital

BRF Ministries is home to Anna Chaplaincy, Living Faith, Messy Church and Parenting for Faith and these continue to grow and evolve.

Donations, gifts in wills, regular giving and general fundraising activities have enabled BRF Ministries to do the following:

  • Train and equip a growing network of over 300 Anna Chaplains, who offer spiritual care to older people who are often vulnerable and isolated.
  • Our Living Faith publications resource thousands of individuals, churches and families, helping them to grow in knowledge and understanding of the Bible.
  • BRF Ministries is supporting a global network of 4,000 Messy Churches across six continents with the new initiative, Messy Church Goes Wild, having been developed to encourage families and churches to meet outside and to embrace God’s creation through a variety of activities.
  • Countless parents and church leaders are able to more confidently share their faith with their children following training and encouragement from our Parenting for Faith ministry.

Our 2021 sponsored walk

In 2021, the BRF Ministries staff team took part in a virtual walk from our offices all the way to Bradford, where our head of fundraising lives. Each day, each member of the team recorded how far they had walked, run, skipped or hopped via an online form and these were then all added together to work out the distance travelled collectively.

As they moved along the route, roughly every ten kilometres, they posted fun snippets of the ‘walking tour’ based on research found online about the place on the map. It went surprisingly quickly with everyone working together and those taking part had a lot of fun learning about some lesser-known places across the countryside whilst raising funds for BRF Ministries through sponsorships and donations.

Have FUN fundraising for BRF Ministries!

The fundraising team at BRF Ministries would be delighted to support you and answer any queries. Sponsorship forms, Gift Aid forms and promotional materials are available. Please contact us on our direct line 01235 462305 or email giving@brf.org.uk
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