Writing for us

Will you publish my work?

Both new and established authors are welcome to contact us.

Books: Please do browse our online shop to see if your proposal clearly fits within our range. For example, we do not currently publish autobiographical, poetry or illustrated children’s books. Our overarching category areas are biblical engagement and application, Christian life and practice, church mission and ministry, and prayer and spirituality.

Bible reading notes: With the exception of The Upper Room, our Bible reading notes are directly commissioned and have no space for unsolicited material. If you’d like to be considered as a regular contributor, please email editorial@brf.org.uk specifying which series you’re interested in and enclosing a sample reflection, and we’ll pass on your details to the relevant editor.

How do I submit my book proposal?

Please email a summary of your proposal to editorial@brf.org.uk and include an outline of content and a sample chapter or section. Do not send a complete manuscript unless asked to do so.

How soon will I hear from you after submission?

We aim to respond within 2–4 weeks of receiving your proposal, but on occasion the response time may be longer. Please be aware that we do receive more proposals than we are able to publish, and that if we have turned down a proposal, we cannot enter into further correspondence about it.

How long does the publishing process take?

Typically we work to a nine-month turnaround from receiving your manuscript to publication, but this may vary depending on the project. This process includes input from the commissioning editor, project editor, designer, proofreader and marketing team and builds in time for you to respond to queries along the way, give feedback on the cover design and check final proofs before your book goes to press.