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Need activities and ideas for primary RE, collective worship, church home groups, children’s and families work or for faith in the home?

The BRF Resource Hub is your one-stop shop for free tried and tested ideas from over 20 years of working in primary RE (through Barnabas in Schools) and in resourcing churches.

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All Saints Day – 1 November


Suggestions for exploring the idea that saints are the whole body of Christ on earth…

All Saints Craft

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Hallowe'en - Light and dark


A session for use anytime as an exploration of the theme of light, and particularly…

All Saints Games Halloween Prayer

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Let there be light


An idea for a dramatic presentation by a group to explore different sorts of light…

Advent All Saints Bible Christmas John Music and mime

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Make it count


This four-in-one visual aid explores the heart of the Christian good news and offers a…

All Saints Bible Games Storytelling Worship

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Saints alive


Every single person in the Christian family is important and gifted, including those who aren’t…

All Saints Bible Storytelling

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The story of St Boniface


St Boniface was one of England’s great missionary pioneers from the early days of Christianity…

All Saints Reflective Storytelling

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