Let there be light


An idea for a dramatic presentation by a group to explore different sorts of light and leads into how we can all be part of God’s command to let the light shine.

On your marks

Light shining into the darkness is one of the big themes of the Bible. There are different sorts of light and the following simple idea for a presentation by a group explores ‘the light that all light comes from’ and how we can all be part of God’s command to let the light shine.

Get set:

You will need to gather a collection of different sorts of light – for example, large candle, desk lamp, birthday cake candle, torch, light bulb, lantern, model lighthouse, Christmas tree lights, match, star and so on.

If planning this presentation for a service, you will need a group of adults and/or children to rehearse the mimes given below.

A possible Bible reading for this sketch would be John 1:1-9.

A possible song would be ‘We are marching in the light of God’ (traditional, from South Africa).


  1. Introduce different sorts of light. Perhaps children and adults could bring them up from around your meeting space. Once all the lights are on view, make some silly suggestions such as ‘I need the birthday cake candle for guiding a ship’ and encourage some Pantomime ‘nooooos’ from everyone. Ask for help with getting the right light for your different needs, for example:
  • I need a light to help me do my homework. Which light is right for that?
  • I’m piloting a ship through the stormy sea. What light is useful to me?
  • I want to celebrate my birthday! What light do I want?
  • I want a light to guide me to where a newborn king is hidden.
  • I want a light to take camping with me in case I need to find the loo during the night.
  • I need a light for a celebration around a bonfire.
  • I need some lights to decorate a tree for a celebration of a baby being born.
  1. Today, we’re thinking about light and darkness. We’re going to light a candle – for Christians, this is a symbol for Jesus being with us.
  2. Lead into the following dramatic reading on light and dark. You, or a few readers with clear voices, should deliver the script while others mime actions that interpret the words.

Leader: In the beginning, the earth was under a roaring ocean covered with darkness.

Everyone covers over their eyes and hunches up (Genesis 1).

Leader: And God said, ‘Let there be light!’

Everyone stretches out arms as if throwing light out on to the earth (Genesis 1).

Leader: But some people chose darkness rather than light.

Make a nasty statue of someone doing something cruel (John 1).

Leader: The people walking in darkness have seen a great light!

Point up into the distance in excitement (Isaiah 9).

Leader: The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has never put it out.

Try to blow out an imaginary candle (John 1).

Leader: Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world!’

Hold arms out to make a cross shape (John 8).

Leader: You are like light for the whole world. Shine like stars among the people of this world.

Make star shapes, turning slowly round and smiling (Matthew 5, Philippians 2).

  1. Use the following outline for prayer to finish the presentation:

Leader: Whenever we can choose to bring light or darkness.

All: We choose to bring light.

Leader: Whenever we see other people in the shadows.

All: We choose to bring light.

Leader: Whenever our actions can bring light or darkness to those around us.

All: We choose to bring light.

Leader: Whenever our words can bring light or darkness to those around us.

All: We choose to bring light.

Leader: God of light and life, you set prisoners free from their dark dungeons to see the light of day. Shine your light in our thoughts and words and actions. Light up our imagination and our courage so that we may shine like stars for you and for those around us. In the name of God who said, ‘Let there be light!’

All: Let there be light!

  1. End with singing (and moving to) ‘We are marching in the light of God’.