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Crosses from around the world


The intended learning outcomes for this piece of work include that pupils should be able…

Discussion Easter Lent The Cross

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Decision time


The weeks of Lent are traditionally a time for personal reflection and recommitment to following…

Easter Holy Week Lent Prayer Reflective Temptation

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Exploring forgiveness


We know we should be ready to forgive those who hurt us but sometimes it’s…

Bible Easter Forgiveness Lent Parables Peter Storytelling

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Exploring friendship using Bible stories 7: Jesus is let down by his friends - the kiss of death


A lesson outline that explores how Jesus tasted the destruction of friendship in order to…

Disciples Drama Easter Forgiveness Friendship Lent

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Exploring Narnia and Christianity - a reflective story


The world of Narnia offers a place of intrigue and imagination. There are many ways…

Advent Christmas Creation Easter Forgiveness Lent Literacy

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Exploring the Last Supper as a Jewish Seder meal


This idea gives a flavour of Jesus’ last meal by acting out part of a…

Easter Friendship Lent Teaching of Jesus

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Good Friday


A service for all-ages for Good Friday

Craft Easter Good Friday Lent

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Holy Week visual aid


This is an adaptation of a well-tried paper-folding and paper-tearing exercise that tells the story…

Easter Holy Week Lent

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Jesus - Light of the World


Jesus called himself the light of the world. These activities link to Jesus’ birth, healings,…

Easter Lent Miracles Teaching of Jesus

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Journeymakers – a pilgrimage through Lent


Journeymakers is a series of downloadable PDFs inviting you to turn your walk into a pilgrimage…

Easter Lent Places of worship

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Lent - An ongoing idea for exploring the cross through Lent


The following idea helps children’s groups prepare in Lent for the six-week countdown to the…

Easter Games Lent

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