Journeymakers – a pilgrimage through Lent


Journeymakers is a series of downloadable PDFs inviting you to turn your walk into a pilgrimage during the weeks of Lent. A pilgrimage is a spiritual journey to a sacred place, and you might want to begin or end your journey at a church, or visit one on the way.

Each PDF contains on one sheet reflective material from the book Sharing the Easter Story by Sally Welch. Download it to your phone or print it off and take it with you as an aid to witnessing the work of God in creation. You can print a map and route directions on the reverse side of the sheet.

Week by week we will explore the story of Easter, looking at different aspects to the last few weeks of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and what they can teach us.

Week 1 – Repenting
Week 2 – Forgiving
Week 3 – Hoping
Week 4 – Trusting
Week 5 – Sacrificing
Week 6 – Loving
Week 7 – Changing



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