Help for families in lockdown

Parenting in lockdown can be lonely, but our Parenting for Faith team is here to help, with lots of opportunities for community and connection and free resources to support families through these testing times. 

Bedtime Drinks (Facebook Live)

Teenth Tuesday of the month, 8.00 pm onwards
These monthly sessions for parents and carers are topical and age-specific. Get together with the Parenting for Faith community to hear creative suggestions from the team and join the discussion through the comments.

Each month there are three half-hour sessions for parents of under-5s (8.00 pm), 5–11s (8.30 pm) and over-11s (9.00 pm).

Upcoming topics are:

19 January: reconnecting with church community.

15 February: coping with grief and loss.

15 March: how to explain sin, shame and guilt.

Bedtime drinks - reconnecting with church community Facebook live, Tuesday 19 January. 8.00 pm for parents of 0-5s, 8.30 pm for parents of 5-11s, 9.00 pm for parents of 11+