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BRF and the communities we work with are hugely blessed by volunteers. These are people with a passion for serving God where they are, who generously give of their time, prayer and skills.

‘It is two years since I first started as a volunteer at my local care home. It brings me such personal satisfaction and is I believe the most effective work of Christian outreach in our local community I have ever done.’
Eileen, an Anna Chaplain

Meet this month’s volunteer: Catriona Foster

My journey as a BRF volunteer began when I attended the first Anna Chaplaincy network gathering in 2015. I greatly valued that fellowship of like-minded people who were all involved in similar ministry, and I felt immediately that this was something I wanted to remain a part of. I’ve attended every annual network gathering since, gaining insights and inspiration from others, as well as having the opportunity to share from my own experiences of 13 years as a church pastor for older people. It has been encouraging to both give and receive at these events.

In 2019, I was invited to be part of the national Anna Chaplaincy working group, considering ways of taking the ministry forward in the light of its flourishing rate of growth and development. As we discuss ideas and plan new structures for training and growth, it is a privilege to be giving time to such a professionally run set-up. It is also exciting to be part of something that clearly has God’s blessing on it as the movement spreads throughout the country, meeting needs ‘for such a time as this’.

My volunteering with BRF is a rewarding and inspiring privilege! I pray for the fulfilment of the vision that Anna Chaplaincy would soon become a household name.

Catriona Foster is pastor for older people at St John’s Church, Harborne

Support Messy Churches

There are nearly 3,800 Messy Churches in the world, and around two thirds are in the UK. Some are run by paid staff in well-resourced churches. Many are set up by lone visionaries passionate to see renewal in dwindling congregations.

All need help from time to time – whether it’s setting up a new Messy Church, supporting families with special needs, a sounding board or prayer for a tricky issue or training for leaders.

BRF’s Messy Church team coordinates and supports nine groups of experienced volunteer practitioners so all Messy Churches – from the tiniest to the biggest, have someone to turn to for help and inspiration.

61% of Messy Church families wouldn’t otherwise go to church.

81% of Messy Church leaders see evidence of lives changed. 

Independent research by Church Army Research Unit

Group of volunteers on a beach