A fond farewell to Lucy Moore


A new season is about to dawn for both Lucy Moore and the pioneering worldwide ministry she founded 17 years ago, as she is set to move from her role as team leader for Messy Church to a major new position with the Church of England.

A true pioneer

While it is inevitably sad to be saying farewell to Lucy after many years of service, we celebrate her extraordinary contribution to the growth of Messy Church. With unrivalled creativity and dedication, and a massive heart for those on the fringes of faith, she has for nearly two decades led a ministry that has touched millions of people – many of whom would not otherwise have been in church.

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Lucy Moore and Messy Church

It’s been 17 years since Lucy, a former teacher working for BRF’s primary educational programme, first set up a new ministry in her home church in Waterlooville. With a name reflecting its inclusive approach, ‘Messy Church’ was to be a creative, hospitable and intergenerational space where anyone would feel welcome, including those alienated or threatened by traditional forms of church service.


Messy Church and BRF

In 2006 Messy Church became part of BRF, where strategic oversight, investment and resourcing have enabled rapid growth across denominations and countries.

‘I have seen first-hand how God has used Lucy and all her gifts, to be a great blessing to the church – locally, nationally and internationally. I thank God for the way Messy Church has flourished under her leadership to become such a key aspect of BRF’s ministry. Lucy has made an immense contribution to BRF and the wider life of the church during her time here, and we pray God’s richest blessings on her as she takes up her new role.’

Richard Fisher, Chief Executive, BRF

Igniting a worldwide fire for mission

For nearly two decades, Lucy’s bold vision has sparked a blaze of missional passion among like-minded lay and ordained Christians around the UK and the world. She and her team at BRF have encouraged, equipped and resourced countless volunteers to plant and nurture their own Messy Churches.

Messy Church has seen steady growth not just in the UK, but also worldwide. There are  currently 3,750 Messy Churches in over 30 countries.

‘It’s been a tremendously exciting couple of decades. Seeing God at work through local churches, helping lay as well as ordained leaders to grow teams, make disciples, work out how to be church in an imaginative way for people who wouldn’t easily join in with church: it has all been such a privilege. I’m grateful for the inspired people I’ve worked with, for the generosity of those who have supported the ministry and to BRF for enabling the work to happen.’

Lucy Moore

A new season for Messy Church

Lucy will be taking up a new role as head of the Growing Faith Foundation at the Church of England.

As we at BRF prepare to bid her goodbye, we look forward to some key milestones in 2022 for the ministry she founded: welcoming Messy Churches old and new to a dynamic gathering of leaders from around the world at the third Messy Church International Conference in May; developing the new Messy Church Goes Wild initiative; and of course to appointing a successor to lead Messy Church in this significant new season.

‘It has been a privilege to work with Lucy to enable what began as a local initiative to blossom into a hugely significant church-planting development, both in this country and in many parts of the world. Her new role will play to all her strengths, and we look forward to seeing her thrive in her new ministry. We will also be working closely with her successor and BRF’s Messy Church team to discover what God has in store for its continuing life in the years to come.’

Rt Revd Colin Fletcher, Chair of Trustees, BRF