Answers on a postcard!

Have you ever been stumped by a child’s question about God and faith?

Would you like to know how to talk to the young children in your life about God?

Does a young person in your life need support with endings and beginnings – including changing school?

Are you conflicted about Halloween?

• Four steps to approaching any question • Ideas to get under 5s chatting to God • Starting or changing school • What do we do about Halloween?

Bite-sized guides for faith in the home

Parenting in the 21st century has its own set of challenges that can leave many families feeling at sea. Thanks to BRF’s Parenting for Faith ministry, help is at hand on a wide range of dilemmas. This includes fresh perspectives on a vast wealth of topics covered on – pooled from parents, carers and church workers with years of real-life experience.

Now there’s also a series of  bite-sized ‘postcard’ guides that you can pop discretely inside a cupboard door, keep on your phone for when you need it, or post on your church noticeboard.

Starting or changing school

Instant guidance for busy parents

The four quick guides for faith in the home cover:

Each one links to a longer article and further resources on the website.

If you’ve time to spare, go ahead and browse the website topics, check out the free video-based course, or the variety of affordable books.

If you’re on the go, tune in to the Parenting for Faith podcast or the Facebook webinars and join the Facebook group for parents and carers.

And if a tricky situation takes you unawares, or you just need a quick refresher, you’ll be glad you’ve kept these nifty reminders to hand.

Just click on the links above to download each ‘postcard’.



Child-centred Parenting for Faith

With a mission to help families and carers raise children to know God for themselves, the Parenting for Faith ministry has developed a unique, child-centred approach. It’s based on coaching parents to have open, honest communication about their beliefs, whatever the circumstances of life.

And it’s transformed how many families and churches share faith in the home.