The Lord’s Prayer worldwide


Different translations of the first two words of the Lord’s Prayer to accompany a focus on Christianity as a World Faith

The Lord's Prayer worldwide


The ‘Our Father’ is the special prayer that Jesus taught to his followers – see Matthew 6:9-13. It is also a pattern for prayer and one that is used all around the world in various languages, linking up the family of Christian believers from every nation. The following translations of the opening two words of this prayer could be used to create a large world collage that celebrates the Christian family at prayer around the globe.


A key verse for this activity could be:

For this reason I fall on my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth receives its true name


Here are the words for ‘Our Father’ in 18 languages. You will probably be able to add in some more from your own experience or by inviting contributions from the children you are working with.

Pater Noster (Latin)
Padre Nuestro (Spanish)
Notre Père (French)
Mi Atyank (Hungarian)
Jsä Meidan (Finnish)
Vor Fader (Danish)
Fader Wår (Swedish)
Bisum Babamüs (Turkish)
Abi-nu (Hebrew in Latin script)
Ein Tad (Welsh)
Unser Vater (German)
?ttshe Nash (Russian in Latin script)
Cita bo (Hottentot -South Africa)
Babu Yetu (Swahili)
A Athair (Irish)
Ojeze Nasz (Polish)
Abuna (Arabic in Latin script)
Pater Nostro (Italian)

Photo by Slava Bowman on Unsplash