Seven Sacred Spaces resources


George Lings, author of Seven Sacred Spaces, has created some support materials for you to explore. George also shares below some background information that led to him writing the book.


“From time to time, as a church member or leader, I’ve thought to myself ‘there must be more than this.’ I’ve known glimpses of glory but also plenty of pedestrian periods.

I’ve wondered what factors led to the better times, aside from the gift of God. I noticed diverse contributions: truly saintly people, harmony in decision making, surprising encounters, sharing meals, being partners in serving, as well as inspiring teaching and worship. Indeed, without those other factors working well, the worship wasn’t so inspiring,

One day back in 2007, Sue a colleague at the Church Army training college in Sheffield pointed out that our community occupied a building complex that exhibited many of the classic spaces used by monasteries. Maybe these varied spaces connected with the dynamics I’ve just named above.

So began research questions. What spaces are needed to promote healthy, deepening Christian community? What is each one for? How are they occupied well?  I wrote a booklet about it all in 2009. Nine years later my wife persuaded me that a longer book was needed. So, by a long and winding process, aided by my desire to help others re-imagine Church, this book came into being.”