Psalm 136 – a celebration psalm


Getting Going with the Psalms

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On your marks

A number of the Psalms are designed to celebrate God’s goodness to the people of God down the centuries and so are full of references to the great moments in Israel’s history when God stepped in and rescued them. Putting the story into a Psalm like this was a way to help the people of God never forget what the Lord had done. Psalm 136 falls into this category and has a wonderful repeated chorus, which must have lodged in the minds and hearts of the worshippers.

Get set

Here is a simple version of this Psalm that tries to do the same thing in today’s language. Why not work out a simple action to go with the chorus about God’s love that never stops. Perhaps a children’s group could learn this whole Psalm with different groups taking one verse each and all joining in with the chorus. This could become a contribution to all-age worship.


Here is Psalm 136 for today:

Thank you Lord, you are the tops
You show us love, that never stops

You do great things, your love to show
The heavens above, earth and sea below

You are awesome, you gave us lights
Sun for our days, moon and stars for nights

You are just great, you rescued us
You led us out from being slaves, took us safe through wind and waves

You are the best, you guide our steps
Defeated all our enemy kings, helped us do amazing things

You’re Number One, you welcome us
You give a special place to be, our Maker, Rescuer, Guide – all three!