Pentecost Power- the Holy Spirit at work


A simple dramatic presentation for Pentecost – this sketch can be rehearsed in a very short time and requires very little line-learning.

Pentecost Power- the Holy Spirit at work


Pentecost is a birthday celebration for the church. It is the festival that recalls the day when the Holy Spirit came with power to the first followers of Jesus in Jerusalem. The following sketch can be rehearsed in a very short time and requires very little line-learning. There are lines for seven Narrators, but one person could narrate the whole thing instead and do it all from a script. The acting is ‘street theatre style’ – meaning very stylised and larger than life. The focus for the sketch is the power to live a Christian life that is made available because of the gift of the Holy Spirit.


You’ll need the script below and some active children.


The Holy Spirit’s Power

Narrator 1:Oh dear.

ALL: Something’s not right.

Narrator 2: Run down?

Actors run on the spot, full of energy at first but then getting tired.

Narrator 3: Worn out?

Actors totter round like clockwork animals, full of energy at first, but gradually slowing down and stopping in funny postures

Narrator 4: Out of juice?

Actors hold hands and pass along an electric shock that dwindles and
stops, leaving the actors drooping.

Narrator 5: Out of puff?

Actors turn into windmills whirring that fizzle to a standstill.

Narrator 6: Lost the spark?

Actors explode like fireworks, then fizzle out.

Narrator 7: Oh dear.

ALL: Something needs to change.

Narrator 1: Jesus’ disciples were waiting, quietly, calmly, praying to God.

When suddenly there was a sound like a roaring wind.

Actors look up in astonishment.

And something like flames appeared over their heads.

Actors point in surprise.

And all of them were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Actors jump up.

Narrator 2: What was run down’ charged up. running

Narrator 3: What was worn out’ became new. clockwork toys

Narrator 4: What was out of juice’ filled up to overflowing. electric fence

Narrator 5: What was out of puff’ got the wind in its sails. windmills

Narrator 6: What was dead and cold’ exploded into life. fireworks

Narrator 7: Goodness me!

ALL: Everything‘s changed!

Photo by Cullan Smith on Unsplash