Paul – a holiday club or activity day


Outline ideas for a special focus on St. Paul’s adventures at sea – Acts 27-28

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You will need a good team; activity areas for group work; a large open space to gather the children; song ideas; badges; someone to register the children; first-aid expertise; a ratio of at least one adult for every six to eight children (depending on age); lots of prayer!


  1. Build on the sailing theme with boat names for teams and use warm-up exercises that link to on-board activities.
    Choose songs that have sea or ocean connections
  2. Introduce Paul as ‘a prisoner for the Lord’. He’s been changed now he’s chained! He is being sent to Rome for a trial before the emperor.
    Here is a possible outline for sessions/days:

(i) All Aboard – setting sail and knowing God’s care (Acts 27a). Perhaps tell the story from the point of view of Julius the Centurion

(ii) Storm Survivors – the shipwreck and knowing God’s protection (Acts 27b). Perhaps tell the story from the point of view Luke, Paul’s companion and writer of Acts.

(iii) Maltese Miracles – on dry land and knowing God’s power (Acts 28a). Perhaps tell the story for the point of Publius the governor.

(iv) Roman Reactions – reaching the capital and preaching God’s goodness (Acts 28b). Perhaps tell the story from the point of view of one of the local Jewish leaders, who was willing to listen to Paul.

  1. Plot the journey on a large map. Use pictures from travel brochures for those places in the Mediterranean today.
  2. Work up a big drama based on the shipwreck itself. There is plenty of scope here!
  3. Create together a big ‘ship of faith’ as a major building project. Work out what each part of the boat could illustrate e.g. sailsto catch the wind of the Spirit: cabinsto meet in for worship; rudder that is the Word of God; oars that represent prayer etc.
    There is also scope for plays with words such as fellowship and worship!