Not just taking Assembly


The A-Z of opportunities for service and witness with schools

A child playing with bubbles

The Church's approach to its school can be by

  1. Praying regularly for the schools’ staff and children
  2. Seeing that work with school is an integral part of pastoral or teaching ministries
  3. Welcoming school groups to the church building for RE and other lessons
  4. Inviting schools to display artwork, provide music or take part in specific services
  5. Holding a fun morning, holiday or midweek club on school premises
  6. Encouraging the congregation to support local school events
  7. Reporting on work with schools to the church council and AGM
  8. Encouraging young people to consider teaching or other work in school as a career

The Church can serve its schools by

  1. Leading or helping with a school or class act of worship
  2. Holding a special service for Christmas or the beginning or end of the school term
  3. Dedication of a new building or room
  4. Helping with RE lessons
  5. Using the church building and graveyard for lessons
  6. Holding school plays or concerts in church if the school hall is not large enough
  7. Assisting in the classroom or with reading groups
  8. Offering a skill such as playing the piano or coaching a sport
  9. Helping with class outings or administration
  10. Helping with school events or Christmas parties
  11. Providing ongoing pastoral support to staff and pupils
  12. Running a ‘Christian Union’ type club during the lunch hour
  13. Leading a prayer group or ‘Emmaus’ type of course for parents
  14. Helping with breakfast or after-school care
  15. Having an informal midweek service
  16. Using a spare classroom for a toddler club
  17. Providing a second worship centre when housing is a distance from the church
  18. And there is always being a school governor!


  1. CRB enhanced checks will be required for anyone who is helping regularly in school
  2. Careers in education range from teaching to being involved with catering and site maintenance. The department for Children, Schools and Families website gives comprehensive information. Your local authority’s education department will provide information on opportunities for local training and employment as well as on being a School Governor.