Lent – Temptations


Temptations Rap

On your marks

This is a rap piece about Jesus being tested in the desert. It’s told from Satan’s viewpoint. Here are a few ideas for performing this rap as a group

Get set

You’ll need the script for the rap from The Gospels Unplugged by Lucy Moore – pages 21-23.


With no learning lines
If you have access to an OHP or Powerpoint, choose, or better still, get the children to choose images which suggest food, riches and power. As you or they read out the rap, bring up the images with the appropriate verses.

The act of selecting and ordering images in itself requires some thought as to what the conversation between Jesus and Satan is all about. It’s a sort of Bible study.

With no learning lines
You could simply have one or two narrators, and two actors to mime Satan and Jesus to their narration. Have three very specific spots on the stage where the three different scenes take place and move very deliberately from one to another to keep the story clear.

With some learning lines
If you have people who could learn a few lines each:
You’ll need one or more narrators, who don’t need to learn words; one or more Satans, and Jesus who do need to learn lines.
Let the narrators divide up the verses between themselves. They might like to say some of the lines in chorus, eg the italicised lines. Encourage them to say odd phrases altogether, eg ‘Kick him while he’s down’ and to change voices in midline e.g.
A: Five weeks plus, by yourself
B: A sort of quarantine

The actors can then speak the direct speeches (in speech marks).

It works best as a piece if you keep the actions very stylised and simple, and the rhythm very strongly marked.