Images to describe the Bible


Here is an assembly outline, with the aim of showing how and why the Bible is God’s special book for Christians.

Images to describe the Bible


You will need 9 people and others to be narrators. The nine each need to have a Bible of the same size. On one side should be fixed individual letters so that when held up the nine Bibles together spell:
H O L Y B I B L E.

Each individual also needs a visual aid to hold up at the appropriate moment. Alternatively, a picture of each of these items could be ready to display, perhaps on the other side of the Bibles they hold. The items are:
a lamp or torch… a hammer… a sword… a camera… a guidebook (like an A to Z )… a radio… a mirror… some food & drink… a treasure chest or jewellery box.


1. The following riddle is spoken in chorus by the group or by a separate group of narrators, with a short pause after each line. In each of these brief pauses one of the nine crosses the presentation area, the first from the left and then the second from the right and so on, crossing in the middle and then leaving on the side opposite to that which they came in by. There will be one extra at the end who will have to scurry across last, just when the audience thought it had seen all the people and their visual aids. They should each hold their Bibles under their arms at this stage but they don’t show their ‘letter’ (H..O..L etc.). It is all meant to appear rather silly and intriguing and add to the strangeness of the riddle. Each of the nine should also be holding and, where possible, be making a noise with a real-life version of the items listed above.

Here is the riddle:

I’m not only very old but also very new;
I may seem rather strange but all of me is true.
There are 66 inside but really only one;
I can be pocket sized or sometimes weigh a ton!
My all is a person, you simply ought to meet;
He often signs His name and each story is His treat.
I am a world best seller, though sadly rarely read.
I wonder if you’ve seen me on a shelf or by your bed?

2. Here are some suggested actions for the nine, as they walk across the presentation area.

-one with a torch. Sounds of clicking on and off of the torch. Shine beam at the congregation..look startled.
-one with a hammer. Sounds of hammering!… hammer (gently!!) on various items of church furniture etc. !!
-one with a camera. Sounds of picture-taking… snaps of the onlookers… “say cheese”.
-one with a play sword. Some brandishing of the sword… “on guard!”… challenges to the audience etc.
-one with a radio (ghetto blaster?). Sounds of tuning into different stations.
-one with a guidebook. Mutterings of directions… first left… fourth right etc.
-one with food and drink. Sounds of eating and drinking… slurps and satisfied noises(!)… “cheers”, “bon
-one with a mirror. Worried ramblings of concerns about one’s appearance… hair… spots etc.!
-one with a treasure chest/jewellery box. Furtive looks… secret openings… delighted cries… protective attitude etc

3. The nine people all come on again with their Bibles and arrange themselves in a line so that they can hold up the answer, spelt out in the letters. They shout together:


4. Three voices from off stage call out the following three questions.

But why is it so special?
What sort of book is it?
Why should I read it?

5. As the next sections are read, each of the nine step should forward when it is their turn, to lift high their visual aid of the Bible or else turn their Bibles around to reveal the appropriate picture. The following words could be read by them or partly by them and some other narrators.

a. The Bible is like a TORCH, showing us the way to go when things are dark and we lose our path.

Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path Psalm 119: 105

b. The Bible is like a HAMMER, breaking down injustice and evil and helping to destroy what is bad.

My message is like a hammer that breaks the rocks in pieces Jeremiah 23: 29

c. The Bible is like a SWORD, helping us fight against temptation and all that is wrong.

The word of God is the sword that the Spirit gives you Ephesians 6: 17

d. The Bible is like a CAMERA, giving us pictures of what God is like so that we can develop a proper image of him.

The scriptures all speak about Jesus John 5: 39

e. The Bible is like a GUIDEBOOK, enabling us to make good decisions and showing us which way to go.

The commands of the Lord are trustworthy, giving wisdom to those who lack it Psalm 19: 7

f. The Bible is like a RADIO, allowing us to tune in to God’s voice whenever we read it.

All scriptures are inspired by God and can lead us to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ 2 Timothy 3: 15-16

g. The Bible is like a MIRROR, showing us what needs changing and helping us to see ourselves more clearly.

Whoever looks into the perfect law that sets people free will be blessed by God James 1: 25

h. The Bible is like FOOD AND DRINK, supplying us with encouragement and strength to keep us going on with God.

God’s law is sweeter than the purest honey Psalm 19: 10

i. The Bible is like a TREASURE CHEST, offering us good things and promises that never let us down.

Open our eyes so that we may see the wonderful truths in your law Psalm 119: 18

6. Each person should now be in the line with her or his visual aid or the picture-side of the Bible showing. As the next nine phrases are said (by them or the narrators), they should each in turn open up the Bible they are holding.

The Bible is special because in it are:
-Words of encouragement
-Words of comfort
-Words of warning
-Words for praising
-Words for praying
-Words for teaching
-Words to make a difference
-Words to give strength
-Words to lead people closer to God

all together AMEN!


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash