Easter – the changes made to each character by Easter


The following very simple idea is for a mime on this theme that children and adults could perform as part of an all-age service for Easter morning.

Easter image of Jesus tomb

On your marks

It is very hard for us to imagine what a shock that first Easter Sunday was for all those who were close to Jesus. They had watched him die in agony only two days before and now they were seeing him alive again! This became the unforgettable and dramatic turning point of their lives, as it is of history itself. The following very simple idea is for a mime on this theme that children and adults could perform as part of an all-age service for Easter morning.

Get set

No props are needed just some minimal rehearsal time by those who will be miming the changes that took place for Peter, Mary, Thomas, Cleopas, John and James.


There are several possibilities for presenting this mime: six individuals could play a character each or six groups of children and adults could do that or the same large group could perform all six mimes!

Each of the following people is someone whose life was turned upside down by the resurrection of Jesus in the gospel readings for Eastertide. Perhaps a leader could introduce the presentation very briefly but allow the congregation to guess who each character was. Then he or she could follow that with a short silence, giving everyone time to reflect on the change that Jesus brought and still brings to lives.

1  Mime for Peter
referring to his denial and then the meeting on the beach where Jesus asked him three times ‘Do you love me?’

Shake head for no three times, slowly and deliberately.
Shake head for yes three times, slowly and deliberately.

2  Mime for Mary
referring to the early morning walk to the tomb and then the meeting with the ‘gardener’

A sad face for a while and then crying with head in hands.
Turn the face and then look up with shock and amazement

3  Mime for Thomas
referring to his disbelief and wanting visual proof that Jesus was alive and to the encounter with Jesus one week later

Shake head angrily and then point to each wrist and to one side of your body.
Open eyes wide in shock and point to three wounds you can ‘see’ in front of you and then fall to your knees.

4  Mime for Cleopas
referring to his walk with a friend to Emmaus, the meeting up with a stranger and then realising at the meal that it was Jesus, followed by the race back to Jerusalem

Walk on the spot slowly and deliberately with your head bowed in sadness.
Turn head to one side as if listening to someone with curiosity.
Put hand on heart and look amazed.
Run fast on the spot looking very excited

5  Mime for John
referring to the fishing expedition on Lake Galilee, seeing the stranger (Jesus) on the shore who advises them where to fish for a catch

Row a boat and then throw a net overboard on your left.
Now throw the net onto your right and start pulling in a heavy weight.
Shade eyes and look into the distance and point to something, with a big smile.

6  Mime for James
referring to James or any of the other disciples in the upper room that first Easter evening

Eat a meal slowly while you also keep looking around with a worried and frightened expression.
Suddenly show shock and then great joy.