New professional course for children’s, youth and family leaders

BRF’s Parenting for Faith ministry has launched an in-depth course that equips children’s, youth and family leaders to empower parents and carers to raise God-connected children and teens.

Who is the Parenting for Faith certificate for?

Designed to stretch, inform and inspire those working in a professional or voluntary capacity in churches with children, young people and families, this new professional course provides the confidence and skills to successfully support parents and carers to disciple children to know and follow God for themselves.  

You don’t need to be familiar with Parenting for Faith principles: there are two different strands, for experienced practitioners and for those new to the ideas.

Parenting for Faith Pioneer Rachel Turner wrote the course with Local Coordinator Becky Sedgwick. Both are experienced children’s and families workers themselves:

‘A few years into the role, I realised that working really hard with the children wasn’t enough. If I was going to make a real difference, it was parents and carers I needed to equip and support as they discipled their kids – but I didn’t know how, or where to go to learn.’

Becky Sedgwick, Parenting for Faith local coordinator

What does the new course cover?

Launched in partnership with Cliff College, the remote-learning Parenting for Faith certificate comprises 12 units, taught through videos, which cover:

  • the history of children’s discipleship and God’s plan for discipleship
  • the practical skills needed to envision and equip parents and carers
  • what that might look like in different settings: for example, in kids’ and youth groups, in – church services and on the fringes of church.
  • the theory of culture change, to help candidates work out next steps.

How long does it take?

The Parenting for Faith certificate is currently available as an online self-study programme. Students can choose between a self-paced option, and a twelve-week option with a further twelve weeks to complete a written assessment.

The course will eventually be offered as a week-long residential at Cliff College, set in the beautiful Peak District.

What does it cost?

Prices for the online course start at £150.