Messy Church support steps up a level

Graphic of two hands piecing together a puzzle

What makes Messy Church more than just a programme? Around the world, many thousands of dedicated Messy Church helpers feel that they’re part of one big community, united in their ‘Messy’ mission – to reach out to those perhaps not ready for traditional church. And that doesn’t happen automatically: it needs coordination, training, support and great communication to keep the network growing and thriving.

Now BRF’s Messy Church team have launched a new way to provide more focussed support to Messy Churches everywhere. Nine teams of around 60 experienced practitioners are now offering specialised help in key areas. Mostly drawn from the former Messy Church Regional Coordinator network, these skilled volunteer groups are tasked with responding to specific needs in the network. So whether it’s ‘How do we get started?’, ‘We need more training!’, ‘We’ve got a problem we can’t sort out’ or ‘How do we nurture our young leaders?’ – there’ll be just the right person to talk to.

‘We’re grateful to those who have offered their skills and time to be part of this new approach, and we pray that it will enable us to be even more help.’

Lucy Moore, Messy Church founder and team leader