Free masterclasses prove a hit

New masterclasses launched this year have proven a real hit with Messy Church leaders. In these free sessions the new volunteer team of Messy Church trainers share their expertise with practitioners around the UK and elsewhere.

As a result of the training, one Messy Church has decided to give their families (who are mostly in the very first steps towards faith, and don’t come to other services) Messy Easter in a Bag. These simple gifts will include ‘something about the Easter story, an age-appropriate craft activity or two, a friendly note to tell them we miss them, and a little Easter egg – all delivered to the door in a bag by a friendly Messy Church team member.’

‘It’s an idea I picked up from a Messy Church masterclassReimagining  your MC in a changing context’ explained the local leader. ‘I found it helpful, encouraging and reassuring, as it’s been quite difficult to know what to do for Messy Church families here. Well done BRF!’

Lucy Moore, BRF’s Messy Church team and founder, says ‘The first two Masterclasses booked up within two days of being advertised, which is fantastic. We’ll be offering all the masterclasses several times over the year on a rolling programme, so there will be plenty of opportunities to join one later.’

The next Messy Masterclasses to happen, in February, will be:

Messy Church Discipleship

Wed 10 Feb 11.00–12.30 | Thu 11 Feb 14.00–15.30 | Mon 22 Feb 19.30–21.00

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Reimagining your Messy Church for a changing context

Wed 24 Feb 19.30–21.00 | Fri 26 Feb 13.00–14.30

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The masterclasses are free though donations to help cover our costs are welcome.

Other Messy Church events

Details of other Messy Church events including the regular Messy Meet-ups on Facebook are on the Messy Church website.