Going wild for God!

The ambitious and creative initiative to get Messy Church families discover God through his wonderful creation gets a boost with further funding.

Messy Church Goes Wild

Messy Church Goes Wild

It’s a book! It’s a set of twelve outdoor Messy Adventures! And now there’ll be roadshows, masterclasses, new resources and more to get Messy Church leaders excited about Messy Church Goes Wild. That’s the ambitious and creative initiative that’s helping Messy Church families enjoy and care for God’s wonderful creation – and meet him in it.

It’s one of the latest outworkings of BRF’s vision to resource the local church in discipleship and ministry, inspiring and equipping lay leaders to exercise their gifts.

Sustainability and leadership

The existing Messy Church Goes Wild resources give even the newest Messy Church leader the tools and confidence to take their families outdoors. Building on their success, the new initiatives will:

  • promote the ideals and practice to the wider Messy Church community
  • champion sustainability and behaviour change throughout the international movement
  • build national leadership in experiencing the awe and wonder of God in creation, especially among young people.


Practical support

Thanks to generous funding, this extension to the Messy Church Goes Wild project will develop and deliver:

  • four Messy Adventures Roadshows to promote and embed the approach throughout the UK
  • Messy Masterclasses equipping leaders to use the resources
  • new, supplementary downloadable resources to give leaders everything they need to make Messy Church Goes Wild a success with their families.

Take three minutes to find out how Messy Church Goes Wild connects to the five core values of Messy Church.

As Christians we believe that fullness of life is found ultimately in Jesus Christ.  Messy Church Goes Wild aims to host spaces where he can be encountered outdoors in the cathedral of the natural world.

Messy Church Goes Wild expands our concept of hospitality as it prompts us to transform our behaviour as human beings and make room for other species on the planet.

Aike Kennett-Brown, Messy Church ministry lead at BRF


Scientists in Congregations ECLAS

Generously funded by Scientists in Congregations

As with the launch of Messy Church Goes Wild, this extension to the project is being made possible thanks to a generous grant of £10,000 from the Scientists in Congregations programme, run by Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science (ECLAS).

BRF is one of ten recipients of this year’s awards, spanning a range of denominations and ecumenical networks.

Image of Messy Church families on a Messy Adventure (c) Margaret Gallagher