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Resourcing churches to reach out to and engage with people of all ages in their communities

Belonging to a vibrant, fun and faith-filled church

Messy Church is a different way of 'being church'. From humble beginnings in a single church in Portsmouth in 2004, Messy Church growth has far surpassed our expectations. There are now almost 4,000 Messy Churches registered on our directory in more than 30 different countries - and that's just the ones we know about. We estimate that over 500,000 people attend a Messy Church each month.

These Messy Churches are supported by us through the three dedicated members of the BRF Messy Church team and over 100 volunteer Regional Coordinators, along with the wider skills and experience of the BRF staff team. We provide Messy Churches and their leaders with training, advice, resources, inspiration and encouragement - helping each Messy Church to be all it can be.

Messy Church is part of BRF's work to support church outreach in the local community.

Helping churches reach out

Messy Church provides a way for churches to reach out to and engage with those on the fringe of the church family, and has proven to be an effective way of 'being church' in rural, urban and suburban contexts across different denominations and in different countries.

Messy Church values are about being Christ-centred, for all ages and based on creativity, hospitality and celebration.

We want people to be able to say 'This is our church. This is our God. This is our story. This is our family. This is where we feel at home, accepted, known by name and free to take risks because we know that here we are most deeply loved.'
Lucy Moore, Messy Church Team Leader

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The work of BRF's Messy Church team is almost entirely funded by donations from individuals, churches and charitable trusts. We're so thankful to those who have supported us to date.

Can you or your church support us with a one-off or regular donation? Thank you.

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With one new Messy Church registering on the directory every day on average and an estimated 500,000 people attending a Messy Church each month, there's plenty to be praying for.

Please pray for our Messy Church team, for local Messy Churches and their leaders and for BRF as we seek to support and encourage growth and discipleship.

Pray for BRF

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You'll find more information about Messy Church, as well as a wealth of resources, blogs and stories on the Messy Church website, where you can also sign up to receive the Messy Church newsletter by email.

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What people say about Messy Church

[Messy Church is] the biggest single churchgoing growth phenomenon in this country since the rise of Sunday schools and Methodism at the end of the eighteenth century.

The Ven. Bob Jackson, What Makes Churches Grow? Vision and Practice in Effective Mission (Church House
Publishing, June 2015)

It was organised chaos, but it was like walking into heaven. Many thanks to Messy Church for changing our lives!

Natalie Scott, Messy Church member

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Messy Church, for me, made coming into church more accessible, more relaxed and showed me ways to enjoy Bible study at home with my family. Messy Church has been a blessing for our family.

Messy Church member

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