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BRF and the communities we work with are hugely blessed by people like you who generously share their time, prayer and skills to help our ministries grow. Read their stories below. If you’d like to explore further the opportunity to volunteer with BRF, please email

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Meet Glen Graham

Volunteers | 08.06.2022

Glen Graham is the first of BRF’s volunteer networkers as well as a local church champion.

BRF Volunteering

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Meet Angela Smith

Volunteers | 07.06.2022

One of the ways you can get involved with BRF is by becoming a local church champion, like Angela Smith.

BRF Church champion Volunteering

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Meet Jennifer Richards

Volunteers | 04.01.2022

'There is much more that BRF offers our church's ministry,' says Jennifer Richards, one of BRF's local church champions.

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Meet Babs Lowes

Volunteers | 11.11.2021

Meet volunteer Babs Lowes, Anna Chaplain in Cumbria, and discover what she always does before meeting someone new.

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Meet Reuben Addis

Volunteers | 01.10.2021

Meet one of our amazing volunteers, Reuben Addis, who serves Messy Church as a member of the Specialists support team.

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Meet Erica Roberts

Volunteers | 13.08.2021

Meet one of our amazing volunteers, Erica Roberts, who talks about how Anna Chaplaincy inspires her.

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Meet Charis Lambert

Volunteers | 06.07.2021

Meet one of our amazing volunteers, Charis Lambert, who has been involved with Messy Church since 2007.

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Meet Vickie Heydon-Matterface

Volunteers | 12.04.2021

Meet one of our amazing volunteers, Vickie Heydon-Matterface, as she shares her experience of serving the Messy Church community.

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Meet Catriona Foster

Volunteers | 01.03.2021

Meet one of our amazing volunteers, Catriona Foster, as she shares her experience of being a part of the Anna Chaplaincy network.

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Meet Martyn Payne

Volunteers | 04.02.2021

Meet one of our amazing volunteers, Martyn Payne, as he shares his experience of being a part of BRF's ministry.

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