Unexpected blessings: read our latest news!

It’s a season of growth in the garden – and here at BRF too! As we continue to give thanks for 100 years of ministry, find out how our work is changing real people’s lives right now in 2022 in the latest issue of BRF News.

In this issue…

  • The 250 new families that flocked to a new south London Messy Church which started in lockdown.
  • The East Sussex family who’ve gone from ‘zero to front row’, thanks to the love and discipleship they’ve received from their Messy Church team.
  • The Derbyshire parents who’ve been freed up to share their faith journey with their children through the amazing Parenting for Faith course.
  • How the ministry of one Anna Chaplain in the Midlands helped heal a painful relationship between a terminally ill mother and her retired daughter.
  • The latest, easy ways you can get involved in this life-changing work.
  • And more!

In a world in deep distress, we’re here to proclaim God is still at work as we see the real, wholesome fruit of the ministries that you’ve helped water, nurture and grow here at BRF! A massive thank you to all who support our work.