Human Prayer Bubbles

Looking through a glass ball

On your marks

We have used this idea on a number of occasions as a way to pray with children (and adults!) It was inspired by hearing how Ken Wylie, who has now joined the Barnabas freelance team and who specializes in mime, uses this prayer activity at his events.

Get set

You need only your imagination!


With children sitting down, explain that they are each going to become a human prayer bubble machine. Tell them that they are going to open the bottle, blow a bubble and then step into it, and silently pray their prayer, which will be just between them and God. At the end, the leader will pray a simple prayer thanking God for hearing their prayers and then will count down 3-2-1, at which they all say ‘Pop’ and jump out of their prayer bubble again.

The format might be as follows:

What do you need to do when you take a bottle of bubbles? First give it a shake!

So, let’s all jump up and down on the spot (some wibbly-wobbly noises might be fun!)

Next we need to take the lid off.

(Mime this by reaching over your head and pulling over the top, as if to open the bottle.)

Then we need to dip the bubble wand in.

(Mime this by holding your hand above your head and moving it up and down – some

appropriate sloshing noises will add to the effect!)

Now take the wand out and blow a big bubble (with sound effects of blowing).

Next, step into the bubble (lower your voice and overact the ‘stepping in’ in slow motion).

Let’s quietly pray our prayers to God (leave time of silence).

Then the leader says a closing prayer.

All shout out: 3-2-1-Pop!

Everyone jumps up out of their prayer bubble.