Our ministry continues

An update on our service levels

Just before Easter, the BRF trustees and senior management team took the very difficult decision to furlough around a third of the BRF staff team. The COVID-19 crisis has significantly impacted our ability to deliver a number of our services and resources during the past few weeks. In addition, our sales income and voluntary income have both been adversely affected. We therefore regretfully concluded that it was necessary to furlough some of the team. This is to ensure that the charity can continue to function in the coming weeks and be in the best possible position to fully recover from the crisis when we begin to emerge from it.

In recent weeks we have received a great deal of positive feedback about the ways in which BRF is responding to the challenges of COVID-19 and providing support and resources to churches and individuals at this time. Here is just one example:

We are committed to supporting the mission and ministry of our churches in these trying times more than ever, and folks like you in BRF are so vital in helping us to do that – every blessing on you and yours and your work.

Jude Levermore, Head of Mission, The Methodist Church

Be assured that we are continuing to support and resource those involved across our ministry communities and networks, we are processing orders and subscriptions for our publications and resources, and we are in contact with our supporters. However, we’re doing so with rather fewer staff than normal.

New resources for the time ahead

Here is just a sample of how we are resourcing churches and individuals during the coming weeks and months:

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