Messy Church gets planting

It seems there’s no limit to the commitment and creativity of Messy Church leaders, as they’ve taken to the internet to continue this joyful and inclusive form of church throughout the pandemic. But what about the families whose Messy Churches, for one reason or another, may not have had the resources to move online?

A volunteer team in the Midlands (of England), led by Vicky Heydon-Matterface, has stepped in to help out. They’ve come up with Messy Church Goes Cyber – an online Messy Church plant for families who don’t have an opportunity to join with a local Messy Church.

Among the first to sign up was a family who had heard of Messy Church but never been to one. We pray for God’s blessing on this Messy ministry, and fresh expression of church.
Instagram: @MessyChurchGoesCyber
Twitter: @MCGoesCyber
YouTube: Messy Church Goes Cyber