Make disturbed nights a thing of the past

Night-time can be unsettling for children. Fear of the dark, nightmares, night terrors, sleepwalking and insomnia are not uncommon. How can we help children deal with their worries and draw close to God at night?

The Big Church Read with Rachel Turner and Comfort in the Darkness

Now there’s an opportunity for families to get together and explore Bible stories of night-time and the dark, in Rachel Turner’s popular book Comfort in the Darkness as part of The Big Church Read.

In short video recordings, for parents to view, and for families to watch together, experienced children’s pastor, author and BRF’s Parenting for Faith pioneer, Rachel Turner helps us discover key truths about who God is at night… so that children feel as secure at night as in the day.


About The Big Church Read

The Big Church Read is an initiative that allows people to come together in groups to read and discuss a chosen book, with input from author videos.

Comfort in the darkness