Ways you can get involved

Discover how you can give, pray and help us to transform lives and communities

Three ways you can help

Today we are working to support individual Christian growth, equip churches for outreach in the local community, support the teaching of Christianity in primary schools and support children's and family ministry.

To continue and develop our work, we need your help. Please consider how you could support us.

1. Support our work financially

Much of our work is only possible because of donations and grants from individuals, churches and charitable trusts (how we're funded). We're so grateful to those who generously support us - whatever you are able to give. 

Discover where we need help

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Where your donation could help 

Give to BRF today through a one-off or regular donation, or find out about other ways to give.

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Teaching Christianity in primary schools

2. Support our work in prayer

Praying hands

Just as financial support is essential for our ongoing work and development, so is prayer.

We're so grateful to the many people who pray for us - for the work that we do and all those who are involved (staff, volunteers, freelancers, trustees and authors).

Could you pray for us, either regularly or for a few minutes now?

Discover ways you can pray for BRF

3. Support our work where you are

You are uniquely placed in your community to make a difference where you are. One of the common threads in how we work today is that our work is rooted in the local church, with local people working in local situations.

We encourage you to pray, with others if possible, about what more your church could do locally to make a difference. It might be that you decide to start small groups to help people grow deeper in their faith; you might start a Messy Church; you might sponsor a Barnabas RE Day in your local primary school; or your prayer and planning may lead you somewhere entirely unexpected.

May God grant you wisdom and insight as you consider the next steps for you and your church.

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