Free jubilee resources for community celebrations

Check out these easy-to-do, meaningful and fun ideas for all-age gatherings celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 70th jubilee and her Christian faith. They’re designed by the amazingly creative, generous and wise Messy Church volunteer writer Rachel Gotobed to create a Messy Church session suitable for communities of all ages and backgrounds.

It's a jubilee!

Specially created by Messy Church volunteer Rachel Gotobed, this complete session offers a biblical reflection and a choice of twelve creative activities linked to jubilee themes. And because celebration (worship) and eating together are at the heart of what makes Messy Church so special, there are also prayers, song suggestions and ideas for a community meal.

That’s not all… to support discipleship in teams and families there are specific discussion and activity suggestions for each, as well as an ‘extra’ idea that links to charity and social action.

Why not use the opportunity for your church to try out a Messy Church session in your community?

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All-age jubilee activity ideas

The Messy Church creative jubilee activity ideas include:

  • Jubilee beacons
  • Jubilee mugs
  • Edible crown jewels
  • Hama bead flags
  • Jubilee plates
  • Cotton reel ‘gun salute’ tanks
  • Jubilee biscuits
  • Union flags
  • The Queen’s canopy – plant a tree seed
  • Prayer bunting
  • Tree rings
  • Defender of the faith tree rubbings

Guidance is given on how to use the activities to explore an aspect of faith.

The Messy Church 'It's a jubilee' prayer

Great God, our Father,
whose Son Jesus is the king of kings,
we thank you for Queen Elizabeth II.
At this special time of her platinum jubilee, we ask that
you give her strength and protection.
Please also bring her love, joy and peace as she does what
you ask her to do
and looks after us, her people.
Give us a good time as we have fun together doing these
special jubilee activities.
Through Jesus Christ

Hit the button to discover more jubilee prayers from our volunteer prayer advocate Martyn Payne.

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