Debbie Ducille's sponsored walk for Anna Chaplaincy

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Anna Chaplaincy joining BRF Ministries, Debbie Ducille, Ministry Lead, will embark on a sponsored walk from the birthplace of Anna Chaplaincy in Alton, Hampshire, to the home of BRF Ministries in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, on 15–20 September this year, a distance of approx. 60 miles.

This event is a great opportunity for the network and BRF Ministries supporters to come together, virtually and physically, with a shared focus and aim to celebrate Anna Chaplaincy: all that has been, is now offered and all that it is to come.

Whilst two to three people will walk with Debbie on the route, the real emphasis/ theme of the walk is ‘Walking Side by Side’ all across the UK – this reflects the essence of Anna Chaplaincy as a ministry of accompaniment.

So how can you get involved?

  • Sponsor Debbie: it costs BRF Ministries approximately £320,000 a year to deliver Anna Chaplaincy. Your donation can help us to continue offering spiritual support to older people.
  • Pray for Debbie: sign up below to receive prayer updates and news from the Alton to Abingdon walk.
  • Join in: Why not host your own celebration or sponsored walk event with individuals, care homes or church groups in your locality? A 10-minute walk in the garden or living room can represent how Anna Chaplains walk ‘side by side’ with so many people.
  • Celebrate with us: Join us for one of our celebration services either in Alton on Sunday 15 September, or in Abingdon on Friday 20 September.

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