Enabling all ages to grow in faith


Resilience in lockdown

Debbie Hawker, co-author of BRF’s Resilience in Life and Faith: Finding your strength in God, writes about how to strengthen our resilience in lockdown...

Making a difference

Julia Burton-Jones reflects on her first week as BRF’s Anna Chaplaincy church lead…

Arks of lockdown

Gordon Giles reflects on how prayer, patience and acts of kindness will help defuse lockdown tensions for as long as restrictions last.

The added challenge of additional needs

When everyone is feeling stressed and challenged by the impact of lockdown and social distancing on what was, until recently, 'normal' life, it can be hard to see beyond our own needs and fears. But without doubt, some individuals and families are having a much tougher lockdown than others.

Coping when all is loss

When someone you love dies, words, however kindly meant, are often not enough. Wise befrienders to those who have been bereaved know that just being there is what is most appreciated. Solidarity in silence can be the most precious gift a comforter can bring.

Contacting us during the COVID-19 crisis

Updated information on our customer and supporter services during the current crisis.

Easter people in lockdown

Gordon Giles reflects on the very first Easter lockdown and what it says to us today.

Our ministry continues

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we are continuing to enable all ages to grow in faith

And it was night

A Holy Week reflection for the coronavirus pandemic, from Joanna Collicutt, psychologist, theologian, priest and BRF author.

But how should we pray at such a time as this?

How heartfelt prayer can be a 'saving health service' to help us through the Coronavirus pandemic.