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Each week we post an article that is designed as a ‘thought for the week.’ It is often related to something current, topical or seasonal. Written by our authors and staff, these five-minute reads encourage Biblical reflection and Christian action.

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I will not forget you!

Articles | 12.11.2023

To mark Remembrance Sunday, Eley McAinsh, editor of Bible Reflections for Older People, reflects on memory and remembrance.

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The habit of biblical teaching, part 4

Articles | 05.11.2023

New Testament lecturer Ed Mackenzie explores the fruits of meditation in the last of our series on biblical teaching. Plus a comprehensive selection of Remembrance Day resources for next week.

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The habit of biblical teaching, part 3

Articles | 29.10.2023

In our latest article on the holy habit of biblical teaching, Ed Mackenzie explores a stern warning from the New Testament letter attributed to the apostle James.

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The habit of biblical teaching, part 2

Articles | 22.10.2023

Caroline Wickens explores the meaning of ‘truth’ in the second of our articles on biblical teaching.

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The habit of biblical teaching, part 1

Articles | 15.10.2023

Holy Habits founder and lead Andrew Roberts has written the first of our new series of articles on the principles and practice of biblical teaching.

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BRF Ministries: Parenting for Faith

Articles | 08.10.2023

In the last of our articles highlighting our individual ministries we travel to Glasgow to meet Parenting for Faith super-fan, Emma White.

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BRF Ministries: Anna Chaplaincy

Articles | 01.10.2023

This week, to mark the International Day of Older Persons, we’re highlighting the work of BRF Ministries’ Anna Chaplaincy for Older People with a visit to Barrow-in-Furness.

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BRF Ministries: Messy Church

Articles | 24.09.2023

Following the announcement of our new name, we have a series highlighting each of our ministries in turn, beginning with Messy Church.

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A new name for a new age

Articles | 17.09.2023

Our head of marketing, communications and strategic relationships, Karen Laister, explains why the time has come to change our name.

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Caring for creation

Articles | 10.09.2023

In a specially written article to mark the season of creation (1 September— 4 October), BRF author Alison Morgan explores our Christian responsibility to care for creation.

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