BRF CEO Richard Fisher on call and vocation


Whatever our age, ability or inclination, now is the time to discover or rediscover God’s call on our lives, says CEO Richard Fisher, in the brand new edition of BRF News – now available for you to download and read.

So often, like Samuel, we don’t at first realise God is calling us to serve him. I have met many people who have talked of similar experiences. God had been calling them to a particular ministry or role, and it was only with the benefit of hindsight that they saw this. It often takes courage to respond and step out in a new direction. I remember two particular occasions at BRF when close colleagues came to me in tears to tell me that they were leaving, because it was clear that God was calling them to something different. They didn’t want to leave BRF, but God’s call was something they could no longer ignore…

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What is God calling you to do in this new season?

Join us on 9 October 2021 for a time of listening, reflection and refreshing, in the company of inspiring speakers: Mark Bradford, Joanne Cox-Darling, Tony Horsfall, Lucy Moore and Andrew Roberts.