A praying community

Prayer is at the heart of all our work and ministry. But how does this work out in practice? Here are some examples from Parenting for Faith, Messy Church and Anna Chaplaincy for Older People, as well as ways you can join us in prayer.

Messy Church prayer support

A new prayer support team now meets once a month to pray for the Messy Church community, and the issues affecting our Messy world. Messy churches can send their prayer requests into the ‘Gold’ support team via the website.

Parenting for Faith prayer support

The BRF Parenting for Faith team undertakes to pray for all groups who register on parentingforfaith.org to run the free Parenting for Faith course.

‘I knew that the course would be good because I know that what BRF back is always Bible filled…I really appreciate knowing that there is a team committing to pray. Thank you so much’

Church children’s team leader

Anna Chaplaincy and prayer

50 network members recently attended an informal online training session hosted by BRF’s Anna Chaplaincy team, to explore how prayer is used in ministering to older people, care home staff and people living with dementia.

Anna Chaplains from around the country contributed sessions on:

  • how to pray with people who might come from all sorts of different church backgrounds or none
  • reflecting theologically on their pastoral encounters and the experience of prayer
  • resources for praying with people with dementia
  • creating sacred space when bringing Messy Vintage to older people in care
  • practical resources such as laminated prayer cards, prayer leaflets and bookmarks, and reflections pegged to the seasons.

‘It was a superb event and I got so many more ideas both for my Anna Chaplaincy work and also my own spiritual development.’

Participant, Anna Chaplaincy Prayer Ministry training session

Praying as a community

Do please join us on Facebook and Twitter for short daily prayers that chime with the current needs of the church and our nation. In May 2021 there will also be an opportunity to join us for live daily prayer times on our Facebook page.

Please know that every afternoon our staff will be praying for the needs of our work, our teams and their families and any other prayer needs we’ve been told about.