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The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) resources the spiritual journey of individuals, churches and schools. You can find out more about our ministry by exploring this website or by following links to websites that support each of our ministries.

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BRF Ministries

BRF Ministries

Messy Church, Barnabas in Schools & The Gift of Years are three of BRF's core ministries - find out more about BRF.

Scroll down to find out more about our other ministries - Barnabas in Churches, Faith in Homes & Who Let The Dads Out?

Messy Church

Messy Church

A way of being church based around welcome, crafts and art, celebration & eating together - read more

Barnabas in Schools logo

Barnabas in Schools

Exploring christianity creatively through Barnabas RE Days and INSET in primary schools - read more

The Gift of Years logo

The Gift of Years

Resourcing the spiritual journey of older people - read more

BRF Resources

BRF Books & resources

BRF publishes a range of resources for Bible Reading, Prayer & Spirituality, Discipleship, Christian Leadership, Primary Schools, Children's Work in churches and books for children to read themselves. Visit our online shop to find out more.

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Visit BRFonline

Visit BRFonline to view our full range of books & resources published under the BRF, Barnabas for Children, Barnabas in Schools and Messy Church imprints.

Bible Reading Notes

Most people need help with reading and understanding the Bible for themselves. Our four series available today continue to resource and nourish thousands of individuals worldwide each day.


And they're not just in print form - three of the series are also available for iPad and iPhone.

Bible Reading Notes

Resourcing prayer & spirituality

'Teach us to pray', the disciples asked Jesus, a request that has been echoed by Christians down the ages.


Whether it's help to get started, or imaginative and creative ways to go further and deeper in your prayer life, BRF has much to offer - more.

Prayer and Spirituality resources

Quiet Days & Events

Quiet Days programme for 2012

Resourcing leaders

Leaders need resourcing for their own ministry. Our publications include books on leadership and mission, and books that explore pastoral topics - more.

Resourcing discipleship

How do we live our daily lives in the light of our Christian faith and what the Bible has to say to us? How do we seek to follow Jesus Christ and serve him effectively? More.

Barnabas in Schools resources

Barnabas in Schools resources are available to equip teachers to deliver the Christian aspect of the RE curriculum at Key Stages 1 and 2/ P1 to P7 - more.

Barnabas for Children resources

Barnabas for Children works to resource people who share the Christian story with children at home or in churches - more.

Messy Church resources

BRF publishes a range of books & resources to support Messy Church - more.

Other BRF Ministries

Barnabas in Churches logo

Barnabas in Churches

Resourcing churches, children and families to explore the Bible and grow in faith - read more

Faith in Homes image

Faith in Homes

Explores how we can resource, enable and equip families to explore the Christian faith at home - read more

Who Let The Dads Out? logo

Who Let The Dads Out?

Inspiring ideas for churches to engage with dads and their pre-school children - a ministry of BRF - read more

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