Easter Day – on the Emmaus Road


Two ideas to use with your group, based on the story of Jesus joining the two travellers on the road to Emmaus.

Easter image of Jesus tomb

On your marks

Here are two simple and quick ideas to use with your group that explore the story of the travellers on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus on the evening of the resurrection.

Get set

Read the story with your group using a modern retelling.

No special props or visual aids are need.


1  Challenge them all to think up one question about the Bible that they find puzzling. Then simply get them to act out the story again, taking the parts of Cleopas plus family (perhaps there might have been more than two of them, women and children not being worth mentioning of course!) and with you as Jesus.

As they walk (in deepest gloom) along the road, they should ask you some of their questions.

Finish up with a shared bread roll inside a house made of chairs or tables and remind each other how Jesus vanished. End by dashing madly back towards ‘Jerusalem’ saying, ‘Let’s see who can be first to get there and tell the others!’

2  Alternatively (or in addition!) try using this idea that explores the theme of the changed mood of the disciples – from despair to joy and purpose.

Start by pairing up to make statues, first of someone in despair and then someone very joyful. Talk about what made Cleopas and his friend turn from the first to the second and get them to tell the story back to you.

Have any of them ever experienced despair that’s turned to joy? Or if they don’t like acting, take the same idea but draw two big pictures of Cleopas – by outlining a child on a large piece of paper – in a despair position, then in a joyful position and filling the outlines with colours and patterns that go with that mood. Talk about what it must have been like for Cleopas and about times they have felt the same.