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We believe our greatest asset as an organisation is our people. Both staff and volunteers work together, each bringing their own gifts and skills to build something that none of us could achieve alone.

'For the common good'

We read in 1 Corinthians 12 that the Spirit is given in different manifestations for the common good; that different people each have a part to play in the body of the church. This variety in the church is something we celebrate (read more about our approach), and we see this breadth richly echoed within those who work for and with BRF.

We have different personalities, passions, gifts and talents, and God uses us together for his purposes. What could you do?

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Working for BRF

From time to time we advertise job vacancies. Find out about any current vacancies and sign up to be kept up to date.


We are hugely blessed by over a hundred volunteers who give up their time to support various aspects of our work. 

How you can join with us

Over time, the effort, prayer and financial support of many people has made a big difference. We'd love you to join with us in working to transform lives and communities.

Praying hands

Pray with us

We are so grateful to the many people who support us by praying for our current needs and the opportunities that lie before us.

Could you support us in prayer?

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Financial support

Much of our work is funded by donations, grants and legacies from individuals, churches and trusts (find out more about how we're funded). We're so grateful to so many who have given generously to support us financially - we thank God for you.

Could you support us with a one-off gift or regular donation?

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