Where are the fathers?

Discover what we’re doing to help churches reach out to fathers and their children, and why we need your help through giving and prayer

An all-too-familiar picture

It won’t come as a great surprise that many, if not most, churches in the UK have a gender imbalance in their membership. A Tearfund survey of church attendance from a decade ago puts the numbers for regular churchgoers at 65% female, 35% male.

We praise God for all the women he has brought to and sustained in faith.

Nevertheless, we’re inclined to ask, where are the men?

Working to change church culture through Who Let The Dads Out?

Tony Sharp and Mark Chester spearhead Who Let The Dads Out? Through this programme they are seeking to be a catalyst for effective outreach and ministry to fathers, father figures and their children.

Their work includes:

  • training and speaking at national and local events
  • developing strategic partnerships with other organisations
  • meeting with representatives of denominations, networks and churches who are exploring what they can do locally.

By God’s grace, we’re seeing thousands of non-Christian fathers, with their children, crossing the thresholds of our churches every month, resulting in families being strengthened and men embarking on a faith journey.

Tony Sharp and Mark Chester

How you can make a difference

Give £50, £15 or £5 a month to Who Let The Dads Out?

At the moment, just a handful of people support Who Let The Dads Out? through regular giving.

With little regular support, it is much harder to make prudent decisions about the future and plan where our time should be focused.

We’re looking for people with a passion for men’s ministry who can give regularly to support our work. Whether you’re able to give £50 a month, £15 or £5, you’ll be helping us to take this work forward.

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Man in church praying

Pray for a month for Who Let The Dads Out?

We are dependent upon God to prosper our work and make it bear fruit.

We’ve put together a short prayer guide which you can use each day for one month to pray for Who Let The Dads Out? Fill in the form below and we’ll send you a copy by email.

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More about Who Let The Dads Out?

Who Let The Dads Out? is a growing movement of churches which have recognised that if they want to see more fathers becoming Christians and joining the church, they need to intentionally and specifically reach out to the fathers, father figures and children in their communities. After all, the make-up of our congregations reflects the nature of our outreach.

Many of the churches in the movement run a monthly Saturday morning group for dads and their children, similar in format to a parent-and-toddler group but with the addition of bacon butties (or equivalent).

However, we are encouraging churches to engage more intentionally and specifically with dads and children of all ages and stages and to think of and plan innovative ways to do that. Once they've got to know the families in their group, churches can then offer other opportunities for the dads to explore fatherhood and the Christian faith.

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I genuinely think that Who Let The Dads Out? can change a nation. I think if we turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, and we make ready a people prepared for God... that can change a nation.
Mark Chester, Who Let The Dads Out? founder