Teaching children tolerance and understanding

When they understand conflict and how to deal with difference, children can become agents of change.

Don’t be scared of difference!

That’s the message of the new Barnabas in Schools theme for 2018, Christianity Around the World, which complements the already successful Where in the World? theme.

One third of people on the planet identifies as Christian. And it’s a diverse group of people. Children need to understand that’s a strength, and not something to worry about.’

Chris Hudson from BRF’s Barnabas in School team

The National Society (for Promoting Religious Education) agrees: they’ve made global Christianity a curriculum requirement for Church of England primary schools – responsible for one million pupils in the UK. The problem? How to deliver it in an exciting and memorable way – especially when many teachers with a remit to deliver primary RE feel lacking in confidence or knowledge. Enter the Barnabas in Schools team with a Barnabas in Schools RE Day – a series of themed, interactive, creative workshops for children of all ages and abilities. 

children lined up in a Barnabas RE Day activity

Making good RE fun. For pupils and teachers.

Whether it’s the new Christianity Around the World theme or the already popular Where in the World?, within minutes the talented, professional facilitator will have focussed and fidgety children alike eating out of their hand, as the group travels across continents (and across the school hall) to far-flung places, discovering how Christians worship in different countries around the world, and exploring the beliefs that unite them.

Schools can also upskill their staff through a Where in the World? INSET teacher training session - teaching a range of techniques that can be used right across the curriculum - and access the Where in the World? resource book and online support material.

two schoolboys laughing in enjoyment at a Barnabas RE day

Really informative, fun and enjoyable, interactive session … certainly inspired reflection.

Very engaging! All children were enthusiastic and talked about the session afterwards.

[The] facilitator had endless energy. Our staff would like this bottled, please!

Teacher feedback

Understanding conflict

The problem of dealing with difference is as old as the human race. Yet what are children to make of the really big conflicts in the world? Barnabas in Schools believes that to understand ourselves in the present, and to be able to deal with the dilemmas as they arise, we need to understand the past. As we approach the centenary of the World War I Armistice, we encourage schools to ask ‘How should we deal with those with whom we fundamentally disagree?’.

We want to help children experience something of the beliefs, the passions, the dilemmas of that global conflict [and get them] exploring it for themselves … how you keep yourself human when everything’s falling apart.

Chris Hudson

The What Price Peace? Barnabas RE Day on war has been tailored for 2018 to explore how soldiers dealt with life back home, beyond the battle. Children reflect on questions around conflict and peace-making that relate to their world today, as well as relevant stories from the Bible. And from the feedback we get, it does make a difference - and not just to the children!

An outstanding, thought-provoking session, promoting and supporting reflection upon important questions and answers.

 I wish someone had explained the First World War to me like this when I was younger. I might not have failed my History A Level!

Teacher feedback

What Price Peace?

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