Souvenirs for the future

Making memories, making a difference

Souvenirs have an intrinsic ability to connect us with the past. They help us remember special events and experiences, and can also serve as a reminder of what’s important to us. Over the years members of the BRF team have collected special mementoes related to their work. These speak of precious moments when lives and communities have been transformed through the love of Christ.

Our vision at BRF is to do just that. Since 1922 we have been helping people explore Christianity and grow in faith, and today our work impacts thousands of lives and communities worldwide. 

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Our treasured keepsakes

This small mosaic pill box belonged to Anita, a lady that Debbie Thrower (from BRF’s The Gift of Years programme) visited regularly, in her role as an Anna Chaplain. When  Anita discovered BRF's Bible reading notes, they became a significant part of her evening routine: she would read them to bring restful sleep. When the time came, Debbie was asked to conduct Anita’s funeral and was given the pill box as a little reminder of a beautiful soul, and their friendship.

Rachel Turner (Parenting for Faith) also loves keeping souvenirs. She's currently working on a new omnibus edition of her first three ‘Parenting for…’ books. The new manuscript is particularly special to her, representing the chance to refine all her learning since the first book was published eight years ago. Rachel writes:

“The hope that somehow my little efforts might be a blessing in someone’s life, bringing them joy and freedom, reminds me that God is faithful and works all things together for good… even my hand scribbled notes.”

Pill box and manuscript
Playmobil figures arranged around a middle eastern house scene with tree

Chris Hudson is a Barnabas in Schools team member at BRF. His sets of Playmobil figures have become a staple of his work - he has one to illustrate almost every Bible story.

Take this one, illustrating the story of Zacchaeus. Chris loves showing the children how Christ enters the home of an outsider, consumed by cynical bitterness, and offers him a fresh start and a new hope.

Chosen by Tony Sharp, National Co-ordinator for Who Let The Dads Out?, the two Who Let The Dads Out? golf balls below date from a competition in June 2014.

“Links Golf Christian Trust arranged a golf day to support Who Let The Dads Out?. Numerous father and their son pairings took part. The Who Let The Dads Out? team decided to leave some branded golf balls around the course - in ponds, bushes and long grass – for others to find, hoping to prompt new people to investigate what it’s all about.”

Who Let The Dads Out? golf balls

Expectant hope

Our team’s souvenirs mark past events or accomplishments, but also speak of expectant hope for the future: hope that others will encounter Jesus, grow in relationship with him, and see transformation through the love of Christ. We don’t all get to see this in person… Sometimes our job is to sow the seed of Good News, and the changes that come with knowing Christ happen long after we’re gone. 

What is your hope for the future?
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