Seeing changed lives in Messy Churches

'It was like walking into heaven'

Martyn Payne works for BRF as part of our Messy Church team, offering training and support to Messy Church leaders. Recently, Martyn was leading a training morning in south London to introduce a number of leaders to Messy Church.

As always, there were all sorts of stories shared, both by those who were already on a 'Messy' journey at their church and by others who were keen to reach out to their local community by starting a Messy Church of their own.

Among those who came was Natalie, who had an inspiring story to share. Here is that story in her own words.

'Messy Church changed our lives'

I first attended a Messy Church at Caterham Community Church, in Surrey. I was completely wowed by how welcoming and friendly the experience was and my children absolutely loved it. It was organised chaos, but it was like walking into heaven. It was also amazing that my family could spend time with their father, as he is always at work.

I started to attend the sessions more regularly and found myself becoming more and more interested in the whole Christian story. My children began to ask questions and I felt I wanted to answer them in a way that was connected to God, so I needed to know those answers first! I completed a Christianity Explored course and then an Alpha course at different locations, and now we go as a family to St Mary’s, Caterham, where I have been confirmed and my children baptised.

We are hoping that St Mary’s will be able to start a Messy Church so that many other young families can enjoy an experience such as ours in a relaxed, crazy, messy environment.

Many thanks to Messy Church for changing our lives!

Natalie Scott and her family

How you can help

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Please give thanks for Natalie and her family, and for others who have come to faith through Messy Church.

If you have time, why not pray for your nearest Messy Church. Why not get in touch with them (details on the directory) to tell them you're supporting them in prayer?

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